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Sep 6 - Read 1 min

If you have been by the old CPR locations within the past two or so years, you may have seen me a few times here and there. I have been in the repair industry since 2012 which puts me at about 11 years of experience. Which pretty much means 100 in cat years. In 2020, I recently moved back home to be closer to family during the pandemic. In 2021 I started managing the local CPR’s in Ruston, Monroe, and West Monroe. The previous CPR owner had me bouncing between the locations quite a bit to help maintain the stores. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year my husband & I started to pray for the opportunity of being able to open up our own shop. It was something I just prayed and fixated on but unfortunately, it would have to be put on hold with the new baby coming in March of 2023. A few months passed, and the opportunity of owning these locations were put into our laps. The owner of the CPR’s wanted out. In July of 2023, we took over the Monroe and West Monroe locations. Unfortunately, I did not keep these locations a CPR because for 1. I wanted to be able to keep my staff, and 2. wanted to keep it local. With that being said changing from a franchise that paid to be at the top of google searches to now being a small business definitely hurt us. We will have to rebuild but was hoping that our local community will support us by praying for these stores as well as keeping us in your thoughts when it comes to needing help with any sort of technology problem. It may seem like an uphill battle now, but God will provide. So if you want to swing by either of our locations to check us out we are located in West Monroe @ 3623 Cypress St or in Monroe @ 2770 Louisville Ave.

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